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Anodi Technologies 

Nigeria LTD

Anodi Technologies Nigeria LTD is here to solve your company's problem. Our expertise understands every bit of your company's technical dlifficulties. Our services includes: Solar pannel istallations, CCTV, Fire Alarm Sysem, Smoke Detection, Oil/gas Calibrations and Installations, Industrial Safety Equipment and Training, High Voltage Fencing, Security Management, etcs.  We are here to help. Contact our personnel today to access the problem. 

We help interesting companies create and improve industrial safety through long lasting and mutually rewarding relationship. we work with our partners to streamline project plans that don't just deliver on product's perfection, but also deliver on time, which is crutial to success in a highly competitive market where every day counts.

Future Technologies and Innovation.

To meet the required safety while preparing for the future.

Anodi Technologies has been consistence in its commitment to providing industrial solutions. We have demostrated this in some important sectors of the economy. What makes us stand out is our timely completion of projects. Our competitive pricing is equally important. We ensure that pricing does not affect the quality of projects.  

Anodi Technologies

Nigeria LTD

FarmWealth International.

Afiliate company.

Farmwealth International is now a subsidiary of Anodi Technologies Nigeria LTD. Farmwealth Int'l specializes in the supply of farm produce to different parts of the world. Our area of supply includes: Bitter Kola (African Garcinia Kola), Kola Nut, Cashew Nut, Plantain, Bananna, Cocoa Beans, etc.

Our Commitment

Protecting people; responding  to environmental challenges; helping to foster shared development.

Our Expertise

Security. Security Management. Farm Produce. Shipping. Oil/gas Installation/Calibration. IT. Telecommunication, etc.

Products supply or installation

Our team of professionals is ready to help you solve your company's needs. We focus on companies' safety challenges and execute our projects in a cost effective way. Our price is highly competitive; we will offer you the best price ever in any purchase and installation of our products.

Our employees that work in the oil and gas sector follow the best safety rules in the workplace. For example, during oil/gas calibration and detection, we pay attention to the safety at the workplace. More importantly, our emergency team is available to help you whenever you need them. 

We're always interested in new projests, big or small. For more details, schedule a consultation and our personnel is ready to answer all your questions.





Meet our team

sales manager

Romanus M. John

Sales Manager

Lagos regional sales manager is here to answer all your questions.

CEO/Managing Director

Amechi Nwose

Managing Director

Amechi Nwose is a Managing Director of Anodi Technologies Nigeria LTD with successful experience in area of engineering and technology management. Amechi specializes in using technologies to solve human's problems. Amechi has initiated different programs that have helped the company expand their operational areas.  A strong believer of a safe workplace, Amechi regularly develop a program to keep employees safe in the workplace.  

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